Re: Shocks... PS #2


I usually weigh my rig once a year at a CAT scale, but I never use those weights to determine my tire pressure. I use the pressures determined by the WGO engineers......and I may add a few pounds if I am over the GVWR. The Michelin charts are useless for me because I live in a cold state and my tire pressures can be all over the place.
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has defined a flat tire as one with "50% of the max cold inflation stamped on the sidewall of the tire". The Michelin Agilis Crossclimate tire for our T1N's have a 90psi max cold inflation pressure. So they would be considered flat at 45psi.
The stated pressures found in the load inflation tables are based upon the cold inflation pressure at ambient outside temperatures. Michelin says that on long trips, the tire pressure needs to be checked every morning before driving.
If you leave Florida in January with 50psi in your tires and drive to Minnesota without constantly adjusting your pressures, you will wake up with less than 40psi in your tires. SIx Flat Tires!
06 VJ Mn

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