Re: Removing a Riverpark XSG2NA-X2S Infotainment system from my 2017 View

Jerry Pate

I finally got my radio out.  There are 4 screws across the top.  All 4 screws hold the radio in.  The inner 2 screws go through 2 upper dash tabs and then through the upper radio mounting holes.  The dash tabs keep the radio in place.  I guess the proper way to do this would be to disassemble the upper dash to remove the plastic that holds the radio in place.  I got a hint from Bob in a private message that I could bend the 2 tabs without breaking them and get the radio out.  I bent the tabs out and the radio came right out.  There are also another 2 screws that hold the bottom of the radio.  These have to come out also.   I also removed the 4 screws that hold the air conditioner controls in place.  This ac panel may need to be removed.  Earlier in the process I thought that it also blocked the radio.

After I got the radio out, I removed the fuse that powers the radio.  Sometimes removing this fuse will allow the radio to reboot.  Unfortunately this did not restore my radio.  RIver Park has offered to send a replacement.  At least now I know that I can actually get the radio out of the dash.

Thanks for everyone's help.

 Jerry   17 View V

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