Solar for 08 View 24J

tony martin

I've owned my View for ten years and have finally decided to install a solar charging system.  I'd like to get some suggestions regarding an optimal system given current technologies.  I'm primarily interested in panel and charger recommendations.   Are the Renogy 100 watt panels STILL a good way to go?  Do people still like the Renogy kits?  I'm thinking of wiring two or more panels in series and using an MPPT controller.  200 watts or so should be sufficient.  I understand that some people believe panels in parallel, maybe even having to use lower gauge wire, are preferable due to partial shading issues.  I camp mostly in full sun.  Or full shade.  Let's hear your thoughts.

Does anyone have experience with their 24J?  How did you layout your panels?  What sizes, specs?  How did you run your wires to the controller?   Where did you mount your controller? 

I think I'll add a battery monitor.   But no inverter.   No lithium batteries.  I have two of the Costco 6V GC batteries.  Pretty simple.

Thanks very,  very much.

O8 VJ Nor Cal or Southern OR

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