Re: Solar for 08 View 24J

David J

I like to design for fault tolerance as primary goal. While you have lower loss in the wire so you may get a little more power running a 24 volt system, you can connect raw 36-cell (nominal 12 volt) panels right to a 12v battery and it will work safely, without any charge controller (when the controller fails.) This has made the difference between having power and not, in one boondocking trip for me.

We bought 2 200 watt Rich Solar panels. One is between the a/c and the front cap, the other is behind the a/c. 10 ga power wires through the refrigerator vent come out in the compartment behind the existing converter. I used 8 Renogy panel mount brackets (the outboard ones with shims made of acrylic plastic) and VHB tape, covered with 311 self-leveling silicone to keep water out of the VHB tape. Separate wires for each panel, paralleled at the controller (again, for fault tolerance.) After good experience with two other RVs I used a Blue Sky 3000 MPPT controller, mounted just above the existing converter.There is sufficient information on the front panel of the Blue Sky controller that we don't need a separate monitor.

David J 
06 VJ Northern Cal

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