Re: Solar for 08 View 24J

Dennis Foley

I installed a complete set from AM Solar with one 170W 50A panel and a 100A MPPT controller, etc in my 2010J a few years ago The Kit came complete with wire, a rooftop junction box , breaker, shutoff, etc. I could add a second panel but never felt the need I placed the panel across the space between the 2 humps on the roof, and ran the wire into the cabinet above the sink, across to the cab edge and down into the wall between the cab and camper. The controls sit exposed on that wall on a piece of starboard. Later I added a Victron monitor and this year I change to 6volt batteries. I’ve never felt the need for an inverter, as we don’t watch TV when we are traveling. It’s perfect for me, but we don’t boondock too often, and if we do it’s usually only for a night or two. This setup, with a trick l start keeps my batteries charged during storage, as plugging in isn’t a great option for me

170W Victron Complete Charger
0V50icAtron SmartSolar MPPT
Tilt Bar Set - 19.5"

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