Re: Can't get any tv channels


Probably not your TV, but worth checking if you have (or can borrow) one to test reception. I have an 07VH with the King antenna , installed about 5 years ago. Prior to searching for channels, do you see any signal strength lights when you rotate the antenna to tune it? If you are not getting any strength lights, it could be either the amplifier or the antenna, or a bad connection. If the amp light is on you can check voltage output quite easily and eliminate that as a possible problem. Connection problems are not that easy to find. After beginning my installation years ago, I found the old antenna connection loose and corroded where it connects to the main cable right under the antenna mast.. I decided to install the King even after finding the source of my antenna problem. If you decide to check that connection or need to replace the antenna, it requires removing the old dicor sealant, so have a tube handy for reassembly.
East TN

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