Re: Solar for 08 View 24J


I will add my experience. I’m an outlier who nearly only plugs in when parked at home in my shop. Original owner lived near AM Solar and had 100W with 8ga to combiner box on top of refer vent to MPPT below refer and 8ga to batteries. 3 years ago I replaced the 100 with 3 100w Hi efficiency “back wired”panels, 2 on common rails, and 4 way tilt feet I fabricated from 1/8” aluminum channel design by early member of forum. I added Bluesky i3000 mppt and separately a Bogart monitor(Trimetric). I’ve always had 2 Trojan T145 GC2 280ahr batteries. (Hi ahr value price). Last pair were 8 years old and probably didn’t need replacing.......another story.
VHB mounted per AM Solar method which I’ve posted here at least twice. I also replaced OEM converter with PD 4645. I’d use someone else’s converter if I did it today.
My rig is HIGHLY modified so I camp at ski areas 40-60 days with full H2O and gourmet galley. Winter kit on Norcold611 and non skid pads all over roof for clearing snow(dangerous work)
My 3 panels between “whale humps, bat wings,or whatever is current jargon.” I like 3 panels for failure safety. A stone takes out 1 big panel, you’re toast. Likely rare occurrence I admit.
In Winter in N ID I tilt panels 70° and some days can recharge from 60-70% SOC with limited 4 hrs sun. Generator required in Winter no matter how big your solar in this venue. Not interested in big inverter or $10k system. Works for me. In Summer 300w plenty adequate for me and previous 100w fine where I camp.
Tilt ability truly only needed in Winter for snow shedding and short term max gain. If you use solar aiming software, nearly always best position for full day gain is Flat!
Just my simple perspective.
Roger 07VJ E WA 174,000mi

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