Re: Wiring and cable routing

Don Phillipe

Are you planning to use a DC2DC charger to isolate perhaps a lithium battery bank from direct attachment to your alternator?   If so, you should be able to disconnect at the boost solenoid terminals and run in and out of the DC2DC and not have to run any extra wires, assuming there's enough space under the seat for it. However, if you have a factory supplied inverter and you are installing a 24V or 48V lithium system to replace the old 12V battery bank, you will need a new inverter based on the voltage of the lithium bank if it is other than 12V.      There are other concerns with how to handle the wiring of the boost solenoid when using a DC2DC charger, namely the situation where breaking the direct connection at the boost solenoid and substituting a DC2DC will cause you to lose the option to "boost" (electronically "jump start") any longer, particularly if you've gone from a 12V house bank to 24V or higher a "boost" is no longer an option.   Not sure how the "pros" get around this but I would be curious to see a schematic. 

Otherwise on my older J model I have a large hole about a 2" in diameter where a wiring harness goes through the floor under the seat.  I just poked out some excess dark colored "crazy foam" and ran my wires out and near the route of the existing cable raceway but on top of the gas tank.  Then I used some foam to re-seal that hole when I was done.   (Don't leave anything open here because mice and ants love this open door.)
Don - 2006 Navion J

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