Re: Solar for 08 View 24J

tony martin

I want to thank everyone for their excellent replies.  When I wrote my original post, I was at my farm in southern Oregon, 400 miles north of my RV.  Only in the last few days have I had RV access and been able to assess how some of your suggestions might apply to my situation.  The first thing I realize is that I must have much less room between the bat wings near the front of my roof than most of you.  Like Sherman Johnson above, I have a satellite dish that lies in the center of the roof, only 16 inches behind the point where the roof "humps up" over the cab.  I don't see how I can mount one of the larger panels that many of you seem to have been able to use.  I've never used the dish and have considered removing it--it'd be easy to disconnect it from the base, but the base itself has quite a tall pedestal that looks much more difficult to remove.  It looks like I'll have to consider using several smaller panels.

I like the idea of running cables down through the refrigerator vent.  I assume you have to drill a hole for the cable through the sheet metal that appears at the bottom of the compartment you access through the vent panel on the side of the RV?

I have the original power charger converter installed.  I've attempted to pull it out of the way so I can plan how to route the wires through the floor.  I can pull the left side of the converter out a few inches, but something seems to be holding back the right side of the converter, preventing me from pulling it out more than an inch or so.  Is there a trick to this?  Releasing a wire or something that is holding it up?  It's not out far enough for me to see what's going on.  Are you able to use the existing wires from the converter to the battery?  Or did you have to run a new set of wires? 

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