That Kwikee step....


Almost like going back to a simpler time after our awesome slottted brake, Nox sensor, and suspension discussions.  But a recurrent pain nonetheless...
My Kwikee step, which has had the gearing and wiring retrofit done, is not quite going back in all the way.  It comes out fine, but it is now less than 50/50 that it just won't tuck all the way in.  I've removed the step fabric and oiled all of the step pivot points as well as by the motor connection.  If I help it with my foot as it is moving in it will tuck in all the way.  If I do not it will stop almost all the way, but will be stuck in that position until the door is reopened, it will not just push in.   Interesting.  Is it just wearing out, or I missing something simple?  
Thanks all,


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