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Terry Fenwick

Well, I had a similar problem with my steps not retracting fully, but I am guilty of having caused the problem.
Back in February, while staying at Huntington Beach SP in Myrtle Beach, we had to have our transmission changed. We ordered in the rebuilt tranny from SilverStar Transmissions (from Oklahoma) and arranged for the transmission to be switched out at Tad's Transmission in North Myrtle Beach. Tad's was the only shop we found that had a 10 ton four post lift (the lift is outside the shop so the RV height on the lift is not a problem!) that can handle RVs. We arrived at 7am and backed onto the lift, the old tranny was out by noon, the new tranny arrived by FedEx at 1pm and was installed before the shop closed at 4pm.
Now for the step part! Because the step controller had quit on us, I had rigged up a simple extend/retract switch by the door (the switch was wired directly into the step motor). And on pulling out of the 4 post lift, I had left the step extended and the steps caught the front post and were pulled back a few inches out of alignment. Even in their badly misaligned state, the steps would retract about 3/4 back into storage position if I 'helped' push them into the retracted position.
We managed to travel back home with steps that did not fully retract.
Once at home, I used a chain around the steps to my small utility tractor to pull the steps mostly back into alignment such that they now fully retract and extend without any problem. I have also replaced the step controller and have put my jury rigged bypass switch into one of the View storage compartments (being ready for the next time the controller has a problem!).
All this to say that my experience with the steps not fully retracting is that it was caused by the step brackets and pivots jamming up and causing the motor to stop the retracting as the load on the motor became too large. So I would double check for the smooth functioning and easy movement of the steps as they retract. If the steps move easily, then I would suspect either the controller or the motor are malfunctioning. You can check the controller by wiring directly into the wire connections at the step motor... if the steps do, or do not, fully retract when you have bypassed the controller, then you have isolated the problem to either the controller or the motor.  
Terry  06 VH, Ontario

On 8/23/2020 2:19 PM, Jake via wrote:

My steps do the same thing, but both in and out. If I help them by applying gentle pressure with my foot,  they travel all the way to the correct position and seem to lock in place correctly. I usually hear a metal on metal noice (a “clunk”) during the process, possibly a gear in the motor slipping?

I have lubed mine but I’m not aware of the motor/wiring retrofit you mentioned. 

I carry a tie-down strap with me just in case the day comes when it strips out entirely and I have to strap the steps in so I can drive. I’ll be following this discussion much more closely than the slotted rotors. :)

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