Re: That Kwikee step....


I'm glad I have read this. I changed my step motor a couple weeks ago and the steps worked fine, then out of the clear blue, they started to chatter a few seconds when the reached the open length. I went and put the old motor back in and they worked fine for a few open and closes and then they started to chatter when they hit the open position, same as with the new motor. I couldn't for the life of me figure what might cause this, being I knew when they hit the end there should be some kind of friction that causes the motor to stop.

Do you think that turning the gear over might help and is it a problem to get to the gear and turn it over? I am afraid if I let it keep chattering at the end of the run, that it will eventually ruin the gear. Does anyone know which gear box linkage the 2006 3500 Sprinter View would use? I see Amazon has one listed as  Kwikee 379160 Gear Box with A ("A" is embossed on the linkage arm)

Any insight would be of a great help to me and I thank you all in advance!!!

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