Re: Dreaded Click and NO START Cause/Photo of Relay

William Finley


Thank you. I just experienced the exact same symptom. Click no start. 

I first cleaned my battery terminals and that improved my results. But a few  days later it recurred and nothing changed when the coach Boost switch was engaged. Click but no starter spin or start. 

I went to 

And searched for click no start and found several troubleshooting threads. 

One suggestion was to take a heavy battery jump start cable from the battery ground to heavy metal on the engine. (short ground battery terminal to engine) 

I tried that and my 06 coach (56k miles) started no problem. 

I then removed a braided copper ground strap (drivers side just below oil filter cap) and found the chassis side bolt not fully tight. It wasn't loose but it wasn't tight either. Used sand paper (80 grit) to clean both surfaces and wire wheels to clean the bolt holes on the braided cable. Sprayed brake cleaner on all the exposed surfaces and everything was fine problem solved. 

I'm confident that the issue in my case was poor engine to chassis ground connection based on the fact that the jumper cable shorting eliminated the click no start issue. 

New braided cable on way ($12 eBay) to be installed when I return from current trip.

I also removed and cleaned the short negative cable that connects to firewall for good measure. 

2 days and 15-20 starts later it starts every time first crank so I am a happy camper. 

Not sure what I'll do with the Amazon bosch $180 new starter that I purchased but I guess it is a reasonable spare to carry for now. 

Best regards and thanks again for sharing your learning 

Bill 06vh

On Tue, Oct 20, 2020, 9:40 AM JPS <selmsan@...> wrote:
Thanks Glenn, Jim 07VH FLOH

On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 9:25 AM Glenn Franco <brakey6666@...> wrote:
For those of you that have experienced the Dreaded Click and No Start from you T1N Sprinter or newer chassis with the Bosch Starters I have a photo of the root cause of the problem.
I have been searching for a replacement solenoid for the Bosch 0-001-109-250 starter and finally found one on eBay. With that in mind I pulled the old solenoid that failed with 32,000 miles on it and chucked it up in my metal lathe. I used a parting tool to cut off the crimp that holds the plastic end cap with the terminals off to see if I could locate the problem.
What I found is that the copper strip and battery terminal contact is severely corroded and prevents the strip from providing any current to the motor terminal. That condition is what is causing the click of the solenoid but no starter cranking or motor spinning.
See attached photos that show the condition.
Certainly other vehicle or electrical conditions can cause a no start but this is likely the primary cause of the click and no start resulting in starter replacement.  
Glenn 06 Navion 23H now with 38,600 miles

In case you are wondering the black lower terminal is the battery terminal with all the corrosion. The upper terminal is the motor terminal.

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