Re: Dreaded Click and NO START Cause/Photo of Relay


Thx Glenn —

Great work — it should prove helpful to many owners! Would owners be able to ‘field service’ this  - maybe clean up the contacts and apply a bit of dielectric? Do you have field service recommendations?  Bill V12J MI

[snip] "I pulled the old solenoid that failed with 32,000 miles on it and chucked it up in my metal lathe. I used a parting tool to cut off the crimp that holds the plastic end cap with the terminals off to see if I could locate the problem.
What I found is that the copper strip and battery terminal contact is severely corroded and prevents the strip from providing any current to the motor terminal. That condition is what is causing the click of the solenoid but no starter cranking or motor spinning.
See attached photos that show the condition.” [snip]

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