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Dale Lucas

I'll chime in here to clarify that the Michelin Tire pressure chart can be used for each axle instead of each wheel.
That is much easier to get weighed.
Some larger truck stops have scales that would certainly allow one axle at a time to be on the scale, so do state highway weigh stations.
Of course highway weigh stations would not want us in there when they are open.
Oregon for instance leaves the digital readout on at their weigh stations when closed, don't know about other states.
What I do is use the "worst case" weight as measured on a typical trip (fully loaded, tanks full), look those up on the chart then set pressure on the high side to accommodate for changes in load.
I would rather have a little extra pressure than a little less pressure to avoid tire failure.
Everyone should know that once you have the tire pressure where you want it, that pressure will change with time, elevation, ambient temperature, sun exposure and any driving.  
No big deal, just check it first thing in the morning before driving and direct sun exposure.
12 J
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On Sunday, November 8, 2020, 06:42:13 AM MST, bike_for_life2003 <guzowskip@...> wrote:

Interesting point, Tom, regarding tire pressure being an individual thing.  There are a lot of assertions/opinions here which are based on PHOG (Prophecy, Hearsay, Opinion and Gut feel) rather than fact..  According to Michelin, the right pressures for our Defender LTX tires are only set correctly once the vehicle is weighed (as loaded for travel) so the weight borne by each tire is known.  According to Michelin, this will give us the correct pressure to insure best comfort, braking, handling, and tread life.  These are the facts from the tire manufacturer which I trust... 
Paul and Christine
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