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Dale Lucas

We just happen to have a Supersonic TV installed in the bedroom of our 12J (I think it was an employee appreciation gift to my wife).
It is a 12 volt unit.
To install, I cut off the wall wort and hardwired the pigtail into the back of the existing 12 volt receptacle.
As we boondock quiet a bit, also installed a kill switch to save power when not in use.
Has worked very well for years and on occasion better than the original TV in the living area.
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

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1.  Read an interesting article reviewing TVs for boondockers/campers.   Their top pick was a company called Supersonic... I hadn't heard of them but there are tons of good reviews on Supersonic AC/DC TVs on the internet... They are not a "Smart" TV but have enough ports to accept a variety of devices like ROKU/Firestick or flash drives.  Here's a link to a 1080p 22" class SuperSonic AC/DC TV with a built-in DVD player for $149:

The same TV in 24" is available for $178:

2.  Firmware on "Smart" TVs can be updated just as can be done on your "Smart" phone.  Updates are probably not "pushed" automatically but most of the major TV manufacturers have an update function built into their operating system menus.  Here's an example of how that works on a number of the most popular TVs:

3.  Bigger is not always better.  Resolution is not a simple matter of screen size.  There are many factors which influence how detailed/clear a digital TV's picture is...  or appears to the user/viewer.  Things like whether it has an LED or backlit LCD screen... How many pixels per inch the screen can handle (common described in nomenclature like 720p or 1080p and now 4K, UHD, and even 8K) is one of them.  Dynamic range, contrast ratio and color accuracy all factor into the overall picture quality.   The interested reader may find the article at the link below informative:

4.  A very high resolution TV may not make the best computer monitor.  I know someone who cannot watch ultra-high resolution digital TV, especially backlit LCD, without getting a bad headache.   The capabilities of one's computer play a role in how much of the monitor/TV resolution can be used.  Very high resolution requires a lot of fast video graphics memory which are only found in high-end computers for the most part.  The operating system also plays a role here as drivers are necessary to run a high-end monitor well.

5.  A TV can also be too big for the viewing space.  Again bigger is not always better... and in an RV bigger usually means heavier.

Happy Holidays and great travels in 2021!

Paul and Christine
06 View 23H in NW FL


Paul and Christine
06 View 23H in NW FL

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