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With my last service A, the mechanic found that the brackets that hold up the DPF, diesel particulate filter, were broken, causing the DPF to fail at the flex joint.  The  front desk guy says when that happens, you can sell exhaust gas in the cab because the heater intake is near by.  I said yes, it has been doing it since new!  In my rig, you could not be stopped, engine running, with the heater fan on.  Well, it is all fixed now, $3,853 later.  I wish I had been more forceful when the rig was still under warranty.  I am disappointed that the MB dealerships (one in CA one in AZ) both missed this when I had my first service A and B.  I even mentioned it to one of them.

One more thing, a side note.  When the mechanic removed the DPF, he found one of the lines that attaches to the DPF was cross threaded onto the DPF. It came from the factory that way.  We had to replace that line too.
Mike McMillen '16NJP i4 White Salmon, WA

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