Re: exhaust gas in cab, 4cyl engine

Dale Lucas

Mike and all,
Mike, you are right, we have a V6.
Now I need to check the rest of the exhaust hangers to be sure I don't loose any of this gold plated equipment on the road.

Europarts-SD has this note for the V6 bracket;

DPF Bracket 3.0L V6 2010 & LATER

This is the 3.0L V6 DPF bracket which is subject to cracking. 
The old part number has been superseded by this new revised part, which is more robust.

BTW, Europarts-SD's site contains useful information about various parts.
I have relied on them for years going back to when we were driving VW Eurovans.

12 J
Las Cruces, NM

On Saturday, December 19, 2020, 08:28:57 AM MST, Gerald Kleene <gkleene@...> wrote:

no an I 5 does not have DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) I believe it started in 2009

Gerald 2015 Reyo MN 35K

On 12/19/2020 3:50 AM, bike_for_life2003 wrote:
Does the I5 Sprinter have a DPF?  If so, I'd like check ours.  Where is it located?
Paul and Christine
06 View 23H in NW FL

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