Re: exhaust gas in cab, 4cyl engine

Dale Lucas

To find the DPF bracket follow the exhaust pipe forward to just behind the front wheel.
You'll see a section of flex exhaust pipe (looks like a large Chinese finger trap).  Just after that the exhaust pipe doubles in size.   That's the DPF and the bracket is between that and the flex pipe. 
Takes good lighting to see cracking.  Ours has started on both sides of a bent plate, not all the way across yet.
12 J
Las Cruces,  NM

On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 11:05 AM, Monterey Morrissey
<momonterey@...> wrote:
Check hoses and clamps on the turbo charger and resonator. We had the same and it was just 2 turns of a not driver on the resonator hose clamp. 

Monterey 06'J

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