Re: C&W 2019 Navion Towing CRV

Dale Lucas

Thanks Dick,
Well put. 
We like to tourcher an old VW Jetta TDI by dragging it along on pretty much every trip. 
It's has a manual, seats 5, air bags, has a big trunk, gets 45 MPG, probably stand up to a substantial crash, not worth much, have used it off road occasionally.
Thought of getting a jeep but can't really justify it.
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 10:08 AM, Dick Stevenson
<alchemy128@...> wrote:

Hi all

I would like to suggest adding a phrase to the statement that “no towing is best” and that would be “for me” or “for us” and also putting the word “best” for most descriptions on the back burner: choices are often just too complex to designate a “best”.

Far too often questions are asked (and worse, answered) without their being put in context. The best tow for someone has to depend on how you wish to use the toad. Some like bikes and use them like toads and have a great time without a toad, some just want to get to a local restaurant from their rig parking spot. Others need a long-distance car that can be used as a toad and still others want to get way off-road and need 4 wheel drive and high clearance.

My best, Dick Stevenson

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