Re: Sewer hose receptacle

Dale Lucas

Your right open the grey valve just briefly.
That's a very thoughtful comment about possible damage to the valve.
I haven't had any trouble with it after doing this for over 8 years.
If I do I'll know why.
Maybe it's because there's not much head in the waste tank drain design.
That is, not much fall between the tank and the drain valve.
Perhaps a civil engineer or physicist in the group can run the numbers and tell us what kind of pressure the valve is seeing?
Just me 2 cents,
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

On Monday, January 25, 2021, 12:32:45 PM MST, Jake via <jakehoster@...> wrote:

Dale and Ken:  I assume the grey water pre-flush is done by pulling the grey valve for a second and then pushing it closed?  The problem with this is you're closing the grey tank door while water is trying to flow through it--with all the pressure of ~30 gallons behind it.  I remember reading or hearing somewhere that we shouldn't close a tank valve while product is flowing.  I forget why, but I can easily visualize the valve plate bending, particles getting caught at the mating surfaces, etc.  My instinct is, doing this repeatedly over time can cause problems.  Just a thought.  

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