Re: removing MB seats

Dale Lucas

Wayne & all,
I used the 3 bolt and rotate method.  
Easier on the old back.
Would suggest putting down some cardboard or carpet scraps to protect the floor finish where the seat pivot base comes to rest.
BTW, access to the seat pivot base bolts is gained by rotating and sliding the seat.  Also, the black foam plastic cover under the seat is fragile.
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

On Jan 27, 2021, at 8:05 AM, ATV Guy <txatvguy@...> wrote:

Correct, I have don't that before when replacing the solenoid in a 2017 24J. 

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 9:08:30 PM CST, waydigs <diggsmail44@...> wrote:

I thought that someone said ( a few months ago) that you didn't have to fully remove the seats to get at the electronics.  I think they  said you   only remove 3 bolts and just swivel the seat around. ??
Wayne '16 V

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