Re: Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Failure Investigation

Dale Lucas

The In Service Date is when the finally assembly,  chassis + couch was sold by a Winnebago dealer. 
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 9:21 AM, MichiganView
<deepthinkers@...> wrote:
Thanks to everyone who responded to my query! Hopefully, support docs are on the way…

Regarding Dale’s comment — when you make reference to  ’service date’ does that refer to the date WGO purchased the chassis or when the owner purchased it new? Our chassis was built March 2011 and we purchased the View Oct 27, 2011.   Bill  V12J  MI

We also have a 2012 on a 2011 chassis. 
When we needed warranty work on the NOX sensors the important date was the "In Service Date".  That's probably the date it was sold.  In our case it was in 2012.  Supposedly that date was to be recorded in the warranty booklet but no so I called MB warranty and got it. 
I'm assuming and hoping that will be the deal this time. 
Dale 12 J  Las Cruces,  NM 

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