Re: 2012 24M air springs in rear

Dale Lucas

You may want to have the entire suspension inspected.
You didn't mention how meany miles the rig has on it?
Our first 07 J, on a 2006 chassis leaned too.  
It was lower on the side with the water tank.
Installed a Super Spring on the low side only.
Because that system can be adjusted for height in 3 positions it worked well.
They are a pain to install and can be dangerous during the installation.
I think the instructions asked for C clamps to pull the spring into shackle position.
I did not do that.
Couldn't find C clamps big enough or strong enough and if one slips out of position it because a projectile.
I used U bolts with rod extensions.
A big job I would not want to do twice.
A job for a suspension shop IMO.
Of course a suspension shop could also install an additional leaf on the low side if they think that's the thing to do.
12 J
Las Cruces, NM

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On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 09:53 AM, Byron wrote:
My 2012 M Model Navion sits about 2.5 inches lower on the right side than the left. very easily seen when I put it in a narrow storage and I could see the margin difference along the vertical wall. Looking for some suggestions to correct this situation. Considering a Super Spring kit but not sure that would be the correct approach
Chuck Waldrop
2012 Navion M

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