Re: 2012 24M air springs in rear

Dale Lucas

Those helper springs certainly do come as a pair.
You could try that first. 
That way you would get the added load capability on both sides. 
Don't know about stabilizing,  that's probably more of a job for shocks and a anti-sway bar. 
Still I would take a good look at the entire suspension, back & front as the difference side to side is pretty big. 
Be reeeerly careful working around these springs, they are very powerful.  Suggest a face shield and always having an exit plan or pay someone else to install them. 
12 J
Las  Cruces p

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 5:15 PM, Chuck via
<chuckphx2@...> wrote:
Hey Dale:
From your experience would you think I would be able to install supersprings on both sides and set the lower side to the extra lift hole in the shackle, if that would work I could get the benefit of stabilized ride and while getting my lean problem corrected. They sell those in sets of two. 

2012 Nav M

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