2007 Navion Refrigerator problem N611

Pulled my R.V. out from side yard because we are on a cautionary escape notification because of fires in  Calif.   When I went to turn on the refrigerator it indicated a problem with 5 flashing green light.  The Refrigerator sheet stated that it was not serviceable by the owner.  I looked on line and did get some indication that there are steps to go thru to reset the refrigerator.  The steps did not include pictures?


Does anyone have steps to reset and pictures of how to do this, or should I just take it to camping world to fix?


Thanks for any assistance.


My R.V. sits a lot.  Unit only has 35,000 miles on it.  Don’t think refrigerator has been used for at least 12 months.   All I ever do anymore seems to be is wax it, and make sure everthing is  still working and then put the cover back on….




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I have this bookmarked as a reset procedure but I haven't verified it.
Don - 2006 Navion J


Dustin Borklund

norcold N611Rt


if green light is blinking reset the mother board...


This has to be done while the power is on and green light still blinking.


Remove external cover

Remove three screws from motherboard cover

Pry open and expose mother board

Find honeycomb in upper left corner

Count two spots from right. it is empty


Using a jump wire, hold one end in the empty spot in honeycomb and the other end to any metal ground like a screw, and count to 10. You should hear a click. 


Remove jump wire and go inside to see the fridge is now a steady green. 


in an hour, make sure it is still a steady green and is cooling. Reattach motheboard cover with three screws, close exterior cover.

Dustin 07NavionH


Biggest risk is you have a leak in cooling unit. They usually fail due to either running off level or cooling unit rusts from outside and ammonia leaks out. Sitting unused might increase the risk of rusting. Look at cooling unit on back of refer thru service vent. If you see yellow powder or discoloration or smell ammonia, you need a new cooling unit. Resetting and running refer with ammonia leak can cause a FIRE!
Go to for info. They will help you diagnose it on phone or email for $40.
Roger 07VJ S OR

Keith Taylor

My 2014 absorbtion/ ammonia refrig quit...outta the blue

I pulled it...tossed it and replaced with a 200 dollar mini fridge from lowes.

200 bucks...104 degrees in Texas in the issues...not looking back.

Carl Elliott

There are actually two Norcold controller boards used in this N611 fridge and there is a seperate reset procedure for each board.
There is now an updated, version 12, 16 page troubleshooting doc along with the 75 page service manual in the files section of this view-naviontech forum.   Pictures of the reset procedure in the troubleshooting guide. 

Roger is so right though, smell around the back in the service hatch and if your snoze detects an ammonia scent or you see green powder or crystals laying about you've probably sprung an expensive leak in the cooling unit.  The troubleshooting manual should help with this. 

-Carl E.  2007H  NW WA

I ran thru all these steps about 7 times..  Nothing happened.....  I guess i will have to ask this next question.  My R.V.  sits on the side of the house on an angled pad for drainage..  I havent used anything for at least 12 months.  Is it possible the Refrigerator ammonia is now screwed up and if so what can i do about it, without replacing the refrigerator.  The Van sits a an angle with the refrigerator on the high side.  But Unit was never on? I ran the process with and without the cables connected to the board.  The only connection i left in all the time was the ground and 12v in.  The R.V. has been sitting beside my house for about 13 years.  Its just the last year we didnt go anywhere.

You indicate do jumper wire when power is on...   12v power or 115v Power?  I did it with 12 v power not with 115v????

Problem solved...  I have the newer version of board and until i saw a picture of the connector i realized i was using the wrong pin.  I assumed they just moved the connector to the top of the board and the second pin open on the left was the correct pin.  Once i saw the picture of my board, it indicated that it was the second empty slot on the right.  Plus when i shorted it , got a mild shock.  Seems like all is well and will keep this info for future.    Thanks to everyone.
Saved me i am sure a lot of money.....


Did you, in the p;ast, run the refer while parked on that slope.  Some refers are more susceptible to problems from running off level than others.  The older the unit, the more the problem occurs.

If it isn't level enough to live in, it isn't level enough to run the refer.