Removing a Riverpark XSG2NA-X2S Infotainment system from my 2017 View

Jerry Pate

I am trying to remove a Riverpark XSG2NA-X2S Infotainment system from my 2017 View.  Youtube videos show how to remove the Sprinter trim.  I have removed 6 of the mounting screws,  but I can't get the radio to move at all.  It seems that the radio mounting bracket is blocked by tabs on the dash above the radio.  This unit has the 6" screen unit.  It has a small bezel around the unit.  I wonder if I need to try to remove the smaller bezel.

The Riverpark radio was working fine, and just died the last time I drove the RV.  The screen is totally black.The backup camera won't work either.  Riverpark will trade out the unit under warranty if I can get it out of the dash.  

Any ideas on how to remove this radio?

  Jerry    17 View - V

Pete S

I’ve had the same issues with mine and what you describe is what I did. Everything was obvious and in the open. You need to also unscrew the heater controls below the unit. 

Pulling power will normally reboot the unit to fix, but that gets very tiresome, especially on a trip. I recommend replacing the darn thing with a Kenwood Garmin unit. 

Jerry Pate

Does the rear view camera still work with the Kenwood Garmin unit?  Do you remember the part number of the Kenwood Garmin radio?
Thanks,  Jerry

Pete S

I bought the Kenwood DNX996XR, but I think it’s last year’s model. I had it professionally installed and the camera just plugged in and worked.   

2016 24J

Jerry Pate

I finally got my radio out.  There are 4 screws across the top.  All 4 screws hold the radio in.  The inner 2 screws go through 2 upper dash tabs and then through the upper radio mounting holes.  The dash tabs keep the radio in place.  I guess the proper way to do this would be to disassemble the upper dash to remove the plastic that holds the radio in place.  I got a hint from Bob in a private message that I could bend the 2 tabs without breaking them and get the radio out.  I bent the tabs out and the radio came right out.  There are also another 2 screws that hold the bottom of the radio.  These have to come out also.   I also removed the 4 screws that hold the air conditioner controls in place.  This ac panel may need to be removed.  Earlier in the process I thought that it also blocked the radio.

After I got the radio out, I removed the fuse that powers the radio.  Sometimes removing this fuse will allow the radio to reboot.  Unfortunately this did not restore my radio.  RIver Park has offered to send a replacement.  At least now I know that I can actually get the radio out of the dash.

Thanks for everyone's help.

 Jerry   17 View V


I removed my Xite XSGA unit and replaced with an Alpine ILX-f259 9” Halo w/CarPlay hands free.  The unit does the job and Backup camera is near instantaneous.