Garmin reception


After many years of faithful service my ancient garmin 255w will no longer pick up satellite reception if mounted at the top of the windshield near the back up camera (where I've had it for years).  As soon as I move it out from under the cab over it's fine (but then I can't reach/hear it).  Clear or cloud makes no difference.

Any idea what would cause the change?  Can the antenna wear out?   

Art 07h

Don Phillipe

Mine never would work there, I have a  recently made relatively nice featured Novi, I forget the model.   I always had to put mine suction-cupped to the lowest part of the windshield where the device would just stand up straight on the dash and still fasten well.    I think you are lucky that it ever worked that high.    Otherwise I can't help you other than ask did maybe you move recently but that's probably a silly question.   If you have an 07 I just don't know how you ever got it to work on top of the windshield, considering the overhang in lined on the interior with aluminum foil based bubble like material.   I do know from poking around up there that there is is a tiny split at least in my insulation right above the center of the windshield and maybe you had your GPS located in that tiny spot.
Don - 2006 Navion J