Slide jammed!

Dave Robertson

Hi, We just brought home our new to us ‘17G yesterday. Today, after studying manuals and getting to know it, I went to close the dinette slide. It came in about half way and jammed! The motor on the front end works but the aft motor wont run. Inside the rig, there is a long black wire with 6 terminal connection laying on the floor. Where did that come from? Advice is highly appreciated.


There are wiring diagrams available on WGO site, & others more experienced may soon chime in. But that sure looks like the problem! In my J a bunch of wiring is hidden below some wooden panels/boxes under the cushions & above the floor of the slide. You might want to inspect, should be an easy fix. Then you'll want to resynchronize the 2 slide motors.
Jeff S, '17 Winnebago View J, Gainesville FL

Jacob Burow

It is possibly the wire going to the in-wall motor. It looks like the right length to reach the top where the motor would be. It does not look like the Schwintek wiring harness, do you know what type of slide system you have? If you can post a photo of the outside of the slide it would be easy to tell.