Steps don't auto retract

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With the Quik Steps, my suggestions is to first, lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.  My RV techs were ready to tear into it - motor, switches, electrical, etc.  All that was needed was to heavily lube every joint and moving past.  It one joint binds up, it stops from retracting.  It worked, with no further issues.  Quik steps makes a lube specifically for their steps, Quik Lube, but I suspect any good metal lubricant would help.

Bob McClure
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The troubleshooting points will differ for an '07.  I have seen posts about failed step motors and stuck steps.  If yours will deploy normally (open and close) using the door, but will NOT close when starting the engine, then you don't have those problems and it may be a simple solution.  Here is how I fixed mine.
{Caution, do not lie directly under the steps when working on them. }
Look below the battery box to locate the step wiring.  There is a 6-inch "pigtail" insert that may have come loose or the internal resistor may have failed.  First test: Unplug and clean each end of the pigtail then plug it back together. Extend your steps and turn off the switch by the door so they stay out when you close the door.  Start the engine and see if they retract.
If not, Second test:. Remove the pigtail and plug the harness wires together without the pigtail.  If the steps will retract when starting the engine without the pigtail, then you need a new one.  "The pigtail with the resistor/diode assembly is shown on the Winnebago Parts list in the Exterior Doors and Compartments section as Winnebago Part number 094707-04-712 and Kwikee Part number 1510000015."

For mine, the pigtail was loose and came loose a few times over the course of several months after I identified the problem.  My final solution was to put shrink wrap tubing on each connection point and support the wiring harness with zip ties.  I have not had the problem since.
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