The 2008 DC to DC charger thread

Bob Knight

I have locked that topic to further posts. While there has been useful content posted, there also has been a deterioration of civility and, in my opinion, it's time to stop. I have not moderated or banned any user, but the group guidelines clearly raise that possibility. Disagreements can and should proceed with reasoned arguments, but bringing personal animosity into play is not acceptable.

I think the Yahoo moderators handled these situations well and I am trying to live up to that. If I am not, tell me. If there are others who believe that they can do better, please let me know. I would happily relinquish this role.


Santa Fe, NM

Michel Boivin

Good job Bob.

🌈 Michel 
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In my opinion, there should be no need for contention here and any who present such a confrontation which contains other member disparagement should have their post deleted.    For example, let's say this debate comes up:

Person A:   I like the XYZ tread on my tire because I can now drive in areas that my ABC tread had me stuck in mud

Person B:  I like the EFG tread because I get great gas mileage and when I used the XYZ, I lost 2 MPG (poster might also add here: "so there is a little cost to selecting XYZ so do keep that in mind").

Person C:   I have to say as a tire expert Person A using the inferior XYZ tread  has no right stating this opinion here because he doesn't know what he is talking about.   I have been selling tires for 45 years and I know what tread does what and he doesn't have my training or experience and therefore you don't need to listen to him.

Now at this point, I believe the post by Person C needs to be deleted.   I believe that everyone has a right to express their opinion, particularly when they have some type of experience to back it up.  And when doing that, there is no need to do so at the expense or attempted humiliation of others.  In this instance, however, there is no conceivable reason for Person C to have the privilege of commenting, because he hasn't helped the cause or helped determine the best solution for tire tread and only extended an effort to disparage rather than enlighten.  In this instance as with many other solutions which are varied, the true answer to tire tread selection just may be that no single tire tread is right for everyone.

Still everyone can't be teachers and mentors but I believe anyone who truly wishes to cast an effort to educate and assist others should attempt to befriend, mentor and assist to a point where there is no "winner" in any perceived contest, but the end result will not only be to offer to the community each of our own experiences, and with that also attempt to make others feel good about the effort they have also extended while offering their own experiences to share with others.

Otherwise I appreciate the effort of developing fair resolutions, Bob and thank you for the grueling effort that managing this repository must present.

Don - 2006 Navion J

David J

Don, the problem with your suggestion here is that it compels the moderator to be an editor and arbiter of competence. Speaking as the host of several other lists, I don't want to do that. I appreciate Bob's tolerance and good humor in letting our rants go on as far as they are useful and then pulling the plug -- that's the right answer. In the meantime we can sort the wheat from the chaff ourselves.

06VJ Santa Cruz CA


All I can do is suggest what seems morally just.   I see no need for anyone to speak in disparaging terms while calling out other's names here but it is clear I am not running the show.   I would not have the spare time to dedicate to it even if presented the opportunity, so I'm not complaining other than saying if I were in that position, only ideas would be debatable here and no personal attacks.   Banter does have it's place however, as proven in the wave of "reality TV" popularity.   I just don't go for that as a form of entertainment but if it drives up the "ratings" or participation (which it does have an effect I have seen) then so be it.  In general, the more who participate, the more diverse ideas to choose from.   However if it does turn into a mud slinging contest, I'm not sure how to react.    If defending oneself against others deviation from "civility" also puts them in a class of "deviation from civility" then with no promise to stop the initial person who steps over the line and with threat of a "ban" when any reciprocal activity occurs, that doesn't seem quite fair in my book, but still I have no dog in this fight other than to say in the absence of such moderation, I will have no recourse other than to defend my own reputation and regardless of the consequences.    In my own personal relationships, family, friends, and acquaintances, respect for the individual is ranked extremely high in my social circles.    In fact I have deleted all social media access because of the loss there of civility.    Simply there is no need to treat others with disrespect but from this point, I've said my peace, I appreciate your views as well David and I will let Bob address in the future.   Thanks however for your input but I will not be commenting further to take up anyone else's time.
Don - 2006 Navion J