Turning front wheel simulators into wall art.

Stephen Dasaro

I read all the horror stories about simulators falling off and pulling valve stems off or just causing stems to wear through causing catastrophic blow outs. So, not wanting to refi the house to buy aluminum wheels I looked for a more cost efficient work around. The little black skull caps residing under the sims did nothing for me nor the whitish rust speckled steel wheels. Bought a wire brush, some shiny glitter Rustoleum, a can of gray primmer and a can of Rustoleum clear coat. Started with the plastic caps. They came out awesome so I moved on to the wheels and ditto. Now a set of ss trim rings and plastic chrome lug covers and walla. I now have permanent wall art for the garage. Well as long as the paint stays on???LOL And no valve extensions needed and my TireMinders are almost hidden. See attached photos.