WeBoost effectiveness

Dick Stevenson

Hi all,

We spend a fair amount of time in marginal cell reception areas.

With regards to WeBoost, we have had ours about a year. We found the company very easy to reach and good to work with. When we had questions or troubles, they trouble shot with us and sent new parts that had seemingly failed without hesitation or payment.

That said we remain unclear whether it has made much of a difference.

What have others experiences been?

Thanks, Dick Stevenson

Dunc 18ND W.CO

As an engineer, I used a cellphone app to measure WeBoost effectiveness. It exceeds its stated dbM gain performance figure. However the cell phone must be placed adjacent to the inside antenna to achieve this. So you can't expect significant signal improvement even a few feet away. 

If you keep the phone next to the inside antenna, anduse earbuds, it works well. I have even streamed video using WeBoost where signal was otherwise too weak. 

I mounted my inside antenna on the small left kitchen counter top near the doorway, and have a USB power port there for charging. It is great for having better mobile hands free phone coverage and use through the Xcite dash radio.
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Dick Stevenson

Thanks Dunc,
I have tried putting the phone right next to the internal antenna (inches away) and that makes a difference. At least some of the time. I suspect I will try to mount my phone beside the antenna for when I use it as a hotspot. 
My best, Dick Stevenson

Richard Genz <rgenz@...>

Our WeBoost DriveSleek has an external antenna mounted on the roof.  An interior amplifier feeds signal to a cradle where our Verizon Jetpack is velcro-ed.  The WeBoost cost under $200 on Amazon when I bought it.

After two years of use I can testify -- this thing works.  I pick up 10 - 15 db of signal when I plug it in.  ( helpful to set the Jetpack to read out the actual db signal, not just the bar graphic)

I mounted a plastic box over the top of the magnetic rooftop antenna because it kept getting knocked off by limbs.  (used a shower-stall soap holder from BigLots)

Recently the power supply failed (circuit board inside the 12v plug).  WeBoost immediately agreed to send me a new one at no charge.